Courtright Award

Our A. Monroe Courtright Volunteer Service Award

Rotary Club of WestervilleThe Rotary Club of Westerville each spring recognizes a local individual or organization with its A. Monroe Courtright Volunteer Service Award.

Courtright was the longtime publisher of Westerville’s historic hometown newspaper, The Public Opinion. He also was a charter member our Rotary Club of Westerville. He died unexpectedly just a month into his term as the club’s president in 1977, and the club launched the community service award in his honor.

Courtright was known for his strong support of Westerville, and his strong opinions, expressed weekly in a front page column in the PO titled, “You May Quote Us as Saying.”

Off the front page, his private philanthropic efforts were less well known. A business in trouble might find an envelope of money near the cash register after an unannounced visit. Westerville families and groups in need were helped quite often, with anonymous gifts that the newspaper publisher had no wish to publicize. He had no desire to be recognized for this aid-giving.

The Courtright Award named in Monroe’s honor recognizes outstanding community service by a leader or volunteer that is both “significant and sustained.” This service must come without pay, and not as part of one’s paid job.



Courtright winners, 1977-2021

1977       Eddie Birchem & The Anchor Club

1978       Dr. Walter Stout

1979       Maurice & Dorothy McVay

1980       Sanders Frye & James Tressler

1981       Morris Briggs

1982       R.T. “Sarge” Beum

1983       Mary Bailey

1984       Mary Davis & Blendon Grange

1985       Edwin “Dubbs” Roush & James “Buzz” Cockerell

1986       Sue Ann Norton

1987       Richard H. Gorsuch

1988       Jane W. Bradford

1989       Don W. Miller

1990       Joe “Grandpaw” Bernowski & Dwight “”Smokey” Ballinger

1991       Ned Mosher

1992       Dr. Bill Freeman

1993       Edna Zech

1994       Marge Day Lewis

1995       Paul Askins

1996       Dick Rano

1997       Charlotte Walker

1998       Jo Ann Davidson

1999       Kathy Cocuzzi

2000       Vinny Herwig

2001       Jim Grissinger

2002       Garrett Brusco

2003       C. William Swank

2004       Rich Siegel

2005       Westerville Caring & Sharing

2006       Diane Fosselman

2007       Joanne Vansant

2008       Renee Kropat

2009       Bill Merriman

2010       Alice Wilson

2011       Damon “Chip” Wetterauer

2012       Sheila Tompos

2013       Janet Withers

2014       John Robbins & Westerville Area Resource Ministry

2015       Jim Biven

2016       Robert B. (Rock) Lantz

2017       Carolyn E. Cordray

2018       James H. Meacham

2019       Linda Weiler

2020       Phillip Mallott

2021       100 Women of Westerville

2022       Nancy and Todd McFarland


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